For the second year, APRA AMCOS hosted High Score: Composition and Sound Art for Gaming, its one day event dedicated to one of the most booming music sectors.

Part of the Melbourne International Games Week program, this year’s sold-out edition featured composers discussing their craft, networking, and even insights for game developers.

For those who missed out, here are some key takeaways:

  1. Don’t just rush into a project

    Keynote composer Kevin Penkin (credits include Made In Abyss, Florence) gave the advice he wishes he got as a young composer:

    “Chill out! This is not a sprint, this is a marathon. Don’t rush, take the time you need to discover the music you want to write and how to write it well.”

    Kevin Penkin at High Score
    Kevin Penkin. Credit: Andrew Watson
  2. Hone your own sound and own it.

    As Fabian Malabello from The Otherworld Agency answered in one of the day’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions, “Be an artist! Your favourite musicians don’t work in every single genre, they focus on the style and sound they do well – you should do the same.”

  3. Composers and audio designers work hand in hand to build aesthetic and immersion

    Biddy Connor and Michael Theiler showcased their amazing work on Paperbark (a wombat’s journey through the Australian bush – incorporating viola, banjo and autoharp alongside Australian nature samples recorded on a camping trip.)