UNITE With Tomorrowland, an EDM festival held in Barcelona, Spain has been evacuated overnight due to a fire caused by a “technical malfunction”, with close to 22,000 attendees being forced to leave the premises.

As The Sun reports, the festival, featuring big name acts such as Steve Aoki, Afrojack, and Ingrosso, was forced to evacuate after a fire broke out on the festival’s main stage. No serious injuries to attendees was reported, though many were treated for anxiety. At the time that the fire broke out, concertgoers were watching a livestream of acts from the Tomorrowland Mainstage in Belgium.

According to news.com.aulocal media has reported that festival organisers have stated that they plan to refund the evacuated concertgoers.

Festival organisers took to Facebook to share a brief statement in regards to the incident, “Tonight, July 29th 2017, the UNITE Barcelona stage caught fire due to a technical malfunction,” the post began. “Thanks to the professional intervention of the authorities all 22.000 visitors were evacuated safely and without reports of injuries. Authorities will follow up and continue the investigation with the local Spanish organizer of UNITE.”