Merida Sussex has a unique perspective on both sides at the negotiating table. She has seen the world many times over as lead singer in the celebrated Australian act The Paradise Motel, and in her capacity as managing director of the award-winning indie label Stolen Recordings. Quality, fairness and transparency is at the heart of everything she does.

Sussex, a board member of Merlin, the independents’ digital rights agency, will share her deep knowledge on music, the indie landscape, and a new blockchain project when she speaks next week at the second annual Indie-Con summit in Adelaide. TIO caught up for a pre-conference chat.

You’re part of a select group of artists who’ve made a successful leap into the label world. Why did you get involved in the “industry” side and what’s your mantra?

I was already in the industry and as an artist that recorded our own materiel and created our own art work we were only one step away from being a label. So we thought, let’s just have a try. So Stolen is an artist-owned label, it then just grew and grew to release other people’s music as well.

Our manifesto is: let’s work together to put out the best music we can. We strongly believe in transparency and fairness. All our dealings and transactions reflect that.