5 Seconds of Summer are the first Australian band to sit at #1 for three consecutive weeks since The Veronicas in 2014.

They have just entered their third week at the top of the ARIA charts, with their single Youngblood coming in at #1 yet again.

Youngblood is 5 Seconds of Summer’s second Australian #1 single, following on from their 2014 international runaway success She Looks So Perfect.

The last Australian band to be #1 on the singles chart at all was The Veronicas (again) in 2016, with their track In My Blood. Why has it taken two years for another homegrown band to hit #1 on the charts in their own country? And are The Veronicas technically even a band? It seems that there is a dwindling market for Aussie bands in our major charts.

The full record, Youngblood, comes out this Friday June 15th.

WATCH: Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer

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