When SoundCloud announced it was laying off 40 staffers just over a week after Pandora shuttered its local operations, it didn’t offer emerging industry figures much confidence about the local job market.

It’s not all closures and cut-throat probation periods though, the music industry can be as exciting as all the urban legends suggest. However, preparation is key; so here’s five tips for that first job interview:

#1. Do your research

If you don’t know everything about the company and the person you’re meeting, you’re starting on the back foot. You won’t be expected to recite the company’s ‘About’ page verbatim, but if you know its past, you’ll be better equipped to help with its future.

#2. Don’t get stuck reeling off a list of music you love

Your interviewer wants to know more about you than what’s on your playlists right now. A general awareness of music history is expected, so there’s no need to spend half your interview talking about the Crystal Castles show you caught on the weekend and why you think the support act is the Next Big Thing.

Instead, use your answers to address every point outlined in the job advertisement. You’re not actually there to be interviewed, you’re there to sell yourself.