From Bill Murray’s performance poetry, to Elon Musk’s awkward rendition of ‘My Little Buttercup’ during his Q&A, to the bomb threat at The Roots show, SXSW 2018 was one for the ages.

As has stood out every year since its inaugural 1987 run, music once again stole the show in Austin, with acts like White Reaper, Bad Pony and Gang of Youths among some of the most talked-about artists to take in Texas this month.

See our list of seven stand-out acts below:

Bad Pony

“Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.” One UK ticketing company founder quoted Larry David after Bad Pony’s final set at SXSW.

At this point of the festival on March 17, the indie-rock band had accrued a legion of followers who chanted the lyrics to tracks like ‘Knife’, ‘Down To You’ and ‘Zombie’ right back at them.

Promoters and agents lined the outskirts of the crowd, nodding in recognition of Bad Pony’s growing reputation. Having completed three national tours since 2015 and with a publishing deal with Perfect Pitch Publishing, and a booking deal with 123 Agency already under their belt, it won’t be long before the band complete a full set of international deals.

Adrenaline-fuelled, raucous and executed with controlled power, Bad Pony’s live set is as indelible as their songs: infectious and satisfyingly polished.