87.5% of participants in a new study perceive sexual harassment to be a common occurrence at music festivals. 74.1% perceive sexual assault to be a common occurrence at festivals.

3o.2% of participants believed sexual harassment happened “very often”.

That’s according to the first study into perceptions and experiences of sexual violence at Australian music festivals.

The Conversation has published an online survey of 500 people who attend Australian music festivals, and asked them about their perceptions of safety and sexual violence at festivals.

The study was conducted by UNSW’s Dr Bianca Fileborn and Dr Phillip Wadds, with Western Sydney University’s Professor Stephen Tomsen.

On top of this, the aforementioned spoke to 16 people who had either experienced sexual violence, or been involved in responding to an incident, at an Australian music festival.

While the participants’ perceptions of sexual violence is quite alarming, 61.5% of those surveyed actually said they “usually” felt safe at music festivals – a testament to the work of local promoters and industry figures who are increasingly prioritising punter safety when it comes to sexual harassment.