Facebook is going to face the music. Though some mighty big “whats” and “whys” remain.

What we know right now is that Facebook has a music strategy, and it’s gearing up. Though the end-product is as mysterious as its algorithms.  The Silicon Valley tech titan is assembling a team of music industry professionals, led by Tamara Hrivnak, who is charged with “global music strategy and business development” at Facebook.  A lawyer who worked as director of music partnerships for Google Play and YouTube and earlier served as VP of digital strategy & business affairs for Warner/Chappell Music Publishing, Hrivnak came on board in January.

The recruitment process is also underway for a Legal Director of Music Licensing, based at its HQ in Menlo Park, California, MBW reports, and the company is on the hunt to fill three new senior music-focused roles, including a pro with “digital music negotiation experience” and a Label Music Business Development Lead, with duties for “leading Facebook’s strategy and negotiations with music labels throughout the world.”

What’s telling about these job specs is the absence of a call-out for A&R talent. Facebook isn’t building a fourth “major” record company. And why would it? The social media giant has never been in the business of content creation; it’s not about to mess with the formula and launch a rival to Universal, Warner Music and Sony Music.