Let’s say you’ve been gigging for a while now. You’re using your brother’s hand-me-down amp, lugging your gear from pub to market to wedding, sleeping in the station wagon, and living off McStuff. It’s not exactly glamorous, but you get by.

Finding ways to squirrel away cash for recording, though, or get the band overseas to try your hand on the festival circuit, now that’s where it gets tricky. So what do you do?

Once upon a time, sure, you could just kidnap some label executive and wait until Stockholm Syndrome did the work for you. But even though there are plenty of boutique record companies out there now, convincing a label to take you on is still a tough gig. Thankfully, you live in the Age of Internetz, where spreading word of your ventures has never been easier.


Some of the best records in Australia have been created using grant funding. Albums by the likes of Tim Rogers, Art Vs Science, The Midnight Juggernauts and Ngaiire may have never seen the light of day had they not received a helping hand from an arts body. Likewise, some of the most explosive and defining tours by local acts would not have made their way around the globe if it weren’t for organisations like City of Sydney, Australia Council for the Arts, and MusicNSW.

Earlier this month, MusicNSW and the City of Sydney have opened the second round of their All Ages Access grant program, which funds all-ages events in inner Sydney. This grant is designed to encourage the creation of more all-ages gigs, with booking agents, musicians, managers, and venue owners encouraged to team up and apply.