In a Medium post, UK data scientist Taimur Abdaal has outlined the number of subscribers a YouTube user would need to hit monthly monetary milestones.

Using his experience working with early stage start-ups, and his work as a data scientist at Nested from 2017–2018 – along with his degree in Maths & Statistics at Oxford – Abdaal said influencers (aka artists) will need 100,000 subscribers to make around $2,000 a month.

youtube-subscribers-Taimur Abdaal graph
Source: How to Make a Living on the Internet by Taimur Abdaal

Abdaal understands that subscribers don’t directly translate to views; he stated in his post that users could expect 20% of their subscriber base to watch each video.

So where should the rest of it come from? Abdaal said there are four routes to take to build your subscriber base:

Taimur Abdaal data scientist black and white pic
Taimur Abdaal

The quickest route to earning revenue on YouTube (aside from creating engaging content) is to become eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. The streaming giant’s monetisation tool, which runs pre and post-roll ads with your content, is available to users with at least 1,000 subscribers.