Networking is critical to any career, but in the tight-knit Australian music industry, where entrepreneurs and employees thrive and dive on relationships alone, how you conduct yourself both on and offline is crucial.

Good networking isn’t about how many hands you shake or how many business cards you distribute – and it’s certainly not about how many people know your name. If you’re new to the music industry, or just want to sharpen your social skills, check out our top tips below.

1. Don’t limit the people you network with to the people who work in the sector you want to be in

For example, some people we know who work at major labels, started work in print media. Industry jobs don’t have direct ladders to the top.

2. Go to events with a friend or someone you know

It can help with breaking the ice and it’s good to chat to someone as you settle in.

3. Don’t be a social climber

Just because the person doesn’t hold a position of influence, or can’t help you professionally, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your time. Networking purely for selfish gain is bad networking and won’t get you far.