The peak body for Australian physicians has just 100% thrown its support behind the introduction of pill testing at festivals. They’ve urged state premiers to act immediately to avoid further damage.

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians has penned an open letter to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and other pill-testing opponents. However, she claims there’s no evidence to back this.

“In light of the six deaths at festivals in Australia since last September, we urge you to follow the lead of the ACT government in consulting with medical experts to establish pill testing trials in your state or territory,” the letter states.

Behind the scenes of Groovin The Moo’s 2018 pill testing trial:


The RACP’s Addiction Medicine chapter President, Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones also chips in. “There is good evidence to show that people who submit their drugs for testing are quite likely to act on this information given to them as a result of having this testing done.”

“And there is a sufficient body of research to say there is no evidence that pill testing causes harm or increases the risk of people taking drugs when they otherwise might not.”

This fresh news comes as the NSW government is being urged to pilot a pill testing trial at Ultra next month. Meanwhile, the Coroners Court has confirmed it will lead a public hearing into the recent suspected drug-related deaths.

Get it done, Australia.