There are probably whole swathes of Vice viewers and cooking aficionados who have no idea that Action Bronson’s day job is as a rapper, with his breakout role in the hilarious and mouth-watering Fuck, That’s Delicious television show.

While he has a new record out this week, he is doubling down on his television career too, with a new dating show Hungry Hearts With Action Bronson, which will air exclusively on Snapchat.

“Each episode features young singles sent on curated dates with Bronson orchestrating the activities from behind the scenes and giving a play-by-play as only he can”, a press release explains.

“At the end of each episode, Action will predict whether or not the two will go on a second date before it’s ultimately revealed.”

The concept seems quite dated, even if the delivery system is novel. Aside from the hip hop star host, this could have been on MTV during the ’90s.

It’s the use of Snapchat to exclusively host the program that will have record labels and content creators (sorry) interested in seeing how this pans out. Will Snapchat morph into a platform that hosts and broadcasts exclusive video, and audio content, or remain merely another funnel for the same old content?