Humans are creatures of habit, and once a habit is formed — let’s say, regarding what creative suite we master and use daily — it is awfully hard to get us to change this behaviour without a very effective prompt.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Adobe have announced they are heavily increasing the price of Adobe Creative Cloud for students and teachers in Australia.

Adobe Creative Cloud will rise from $16.99 per month to $25.99 per month for students and teachers, effective from June 5. Current subscribers will keep paying the lower price until renewal, at which point they will have to ask some hard questions – or simply grumble, write a snarky comment, then accept the price-hike.

As always, it comes down to the bottom line, as a cheery email from Adobe explains: “As part of doing business globally, Adobe monitors currency exchange rates in order to make adjustments to our pricing up or down as needed. You may be aware that currency exchange rates have fluctuated significantly over the last few years. As a result of recent changes in exchange rates in your region, the price of Adobe products and services is increasing.” How lovely.

Considering that most people tend to stick with whatever creative program they first learn (this even applies to systems we don’t need to learn; how many of you are still with your first bank?) this seems a short-sighted approach to doing business.

This strategy may suck some money from current subscribers, but it is likely to repel future waves of students put off by the higher price point.