Adelaide-born, Melbourne based artist Adrian Eagle is making some series moves at the moment, resulting in considerable buzz that’s resonating throughout all the land. Clearly in no mood to slow down, Eagle has today announced his forthcoming debut EP, MAMA, and a freshly inked deal with maker of kings and queens, Island Records Australia.

You may have caught Adrian’s outing as a guest artist on the Hilltop Hoods hit Clark Griswold, or perhaps his stirring rendition of Ocean Alley’s ‘Confidence’ for Like A Version; the point being, Adrian Eagle is a name that’s starting to pop up more and more.

Already we’ve heard breakout singles 17 Again and AOK, which will be two key features on the impending EP which will contain plenty more currently unearthed gems. Throughout the course of the release, Eagle dissects his life, struggles, rises and falls for an authentic, and above all, tasty listening experience cast underneath a smooth layer of neo-soul and classic hip hop.

Speaking of the EP, Eagle explains, “The EP has been a work in progress for the past few years of my life and lyrically accumulating the lessons I learned throughout my entire life up until this point. MAMA is deeply personal for me and I can’t wait to share it with you all. This one is for all of the mama’s in my life and my gift back to the one mother we all share – big love!”

Other than pricking up ears of fans, Eagle also turned heads within the industry leading to the record deal with Island Records.