Alan Jones has been warned to be on his best behaviour, after the Chairman of Macquarie Media Limited revealed that any more controversies could see the famed broadcaster sacked from his position.

Late last week, Alan Jones’ reputation as one of the most controversial and outspoken figures on the Australian airwaves was confirmed after the veteran broadcaster made some comments about New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern which were – to put it lightly – rather divisive.

After Ms Ardern had warned Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison that Australia “will have to answer to the Pacific” on climate change, Jones took to the airwaves to note that Morrison should “shove a sock down [Ms Ardern’s] throat”.

The comments caused such widespread backlash that even former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hit back at Jones, labelling him a “appalling misogynist” who uses “disgraceful” language.

“His pattern of using abusive and violent language against women, particularly women politicians, is disgraceful,” Mr Turnbull explained to ABC’s Radio National Drive program.

While Jones issued a statement clarifying he meant to say that Ms Ardern should “put a sock in it”, he also shared this statement with his listeners on Friday morning.