There’s no feel-good story quite like the success of Amy Shark’s debut single ‘Adore’.

From its beginnings as a grant-funded excuse for the Gold Coast artist to work with Grammy-winning producer M-Phazes, to being the gateway drug to her local and international major label deals – and the #2 chart placing of her debut EP – the road to double Platinum status marks one of the swiftest local industry infatuations in recent memory.

To celebrate the release of the Night Thinker EP, Amy Shark, M-Phazes, Stu MacQueen from her label Wonderlick/Sony Music, producer Cam Bluff, and her co-manager Rachael Comerford spoke to TIO about how the breakout hit came into existence. Read the conversations below, condensed and edited for clarity.



AMY: The very start doesn’t even really include ‘Adore’. I was just trying to get funds together to work with a great producer. I actually applied for a Government arts grant (Gold Coast City Council’s Regional Arts Development Fund) because over the years there’s been a lot of money of mine that I’ve put into it and you don’t really get much in return. It was kind of taking its toll. That was really hard to do. Obviously you have to write a lot and try and plead your case, so that was hard work. I didn’t actually get it the first round, I was devastated.