In mid-January 2019, Andy King was seated at the Netflix premiere of Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened in New York City. He did not have an account on any social media platform. He didn’t know what a meme was (he pronounced it me-me at the time). But what he did know, was the exact imprint he wanted to leave on the world.

There’s a common misconception about Andy King, the man who was willing to give a Customs Official a blow job in exchange for the release of four 18-wheeler trucks filled with Fyre Festival’s Evian water supply.

Granted, King decidedly leans in to the comical edge where he now sits after going viral: “He [Fyre’s convicted felon Billy McFarland] didn’t say go find nine vaginas and sleep with them. One dick I can handle,” he quipped at BIGSOUND earlier this month.

Andy King memes
Just one of the many, many, many Andy King memes

But Andy King is not a businessman who endeavoured to turn a dick-sucking promise into a personal platform after he went viral. Andy King knew his surreal revelations would give him a platform, and prior to taking part in the documentary had a clause written in to his contract to help pay the Bahamian workforce.

“The only reason I agreed to the Netflix documentary was to use it as a vehicle to pay back everybody in the Bahamas,” he said.