iTunes are looking into claims that bots helped secure a chart-topping appearance by Chinese-Canadian musician Kris Wu earlier this week.

Last Friday saw the release of Antares, the debut solo album of former EXO member Kris Wu. Almost immediately, the record went to the top of the charts, with numerous singles flooding the US iTunes charts.

As it so happened, this weekend also saw the release of Ariana Grande’s latest single, ‘thank u, next’. However, while Grande’s song’s are usually destined for chart domination, this latest song was kept from the top by a number of Wu’s songs, with fans and industry insiders starting to assume something might be up.

While Kris Wu might be a household name in China, his profile is relatively unknown in countries such as America.

Add in the facts that he boasts low streaming numbers on Spotify (which is unavailable in China), and the fact his record wasn’t released in his home country until Tuesday, and speculation has begun to swirl that these sales figures were obtained fraudulently.


As Global Times recently reported, Wu occupied the top four spots on the US iTunes charts on Monday, with his song ‘November Rain’ having been downloaded 14 million times in 24 hours. However, one fan of the musician explained that this behaviour is relatively normal for a star of his calibre.