For years, they’ve been been bitter rivals of the tech world. Apple and Microsoft, long considered to be the two big names in personal computing technology, they have had a famously adversarial history with both sides rarely compromising in any venture. Now however, Apple seem to have handed Microsoft one of their flagship programs; iTunes.

As Business Insider reports, Microsoft this week announced at their Build developer conference in Seattle that Apple will be listing their iTunes music program, along with Apple Music and full syncing functionality, within the Microsoft Windows Store.

As Business Insider points out, this is a big deal for the company. After having announced their newest operating system, Windows 10 S, it came to light that this new OS will only allow installation of apps from the Windows store. This means of course, that if you’re one of the millions of Apple iPhone users, without iTunes coming to Windows, you might have just been in a bit of trouble.

While the Windows Store features few apps at this stage, with most apps being designed for Apple’s iOS, this could be a pretty big win for the company. Likewise, Apple’s win from this is is likely what motivated this venture. Considering that since iTunes is the only way that users can listen to Apple Music currently, a lack of availability on Windows platforms may have resulted in users switching over to other rival streaming services.