For any struggling artist out there, one of the most useful things that can happen in their career is to be given a music grant. This sudden cash injection can almost instantly make the impossible possible, and open up previously unthought of avenues for musicians to take. Now, with a couple of important grants set to close their applications soon, now is the best time to make sure you, or any musos you know, have applied.

Back in July, MusicNSW and the City of Sydney opened the second round of their All Ages Access grant program, which funds all-ages events in inner Sydney. Applications for these grants are set to close at 5pm on Friday, September 29th, so if helping kids of all ages attend events is something right up your alley, then you’d best get cracking on the application process.

Likewise, MusicNSW’s second round of the Opportunity Development Grants Program is set to close at 5pm on Friday, October 6th. Covering opportunities such as Electronic Music Conference, Face The Music & Australian Songwriters Conference, these grants are absolutely invaluable to rising stars of Aussie music, with this year’s first round of grants going to artists such as Ruby Fields, Thandi Phoenix, an Lupa J.

Lupa J, who recently appeared at this year’s BIGSOUND conference, owes her ability to attend events such as this to the help received by MusicNSW and their grant program. “BIGSOUND has been awesome for me – and I seriously wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the grant I received from MusicNSW to travel to & stay in Brisbane,” said Lupa J. “Thank you for doing what you do for emerging artists.”

Likewise, Thandi Phoenix credits her recent trip to BIGSOUND to the grant she received by MusicNSW earlier this year. “As an emerging solo artist, funding your career can be a financially challenging task,” she wrote. “I am so incredibly grateful to MusicNSW for your support and assistance through the Opportunity Development Grant which helped fund my recent trip to BIGSOUND with my band.”

So if you’re looking to kickstart your career, be sure to apply for MusicNSW’s Opportunity Development Grants Program before 5pm on Friday, September 29th. Or if you’re keen to “allow young people the chance to explore their passion for live music in safe spaces,” then apply here for the All Ages Access grant before 5pm on Friday October 6th.

Whatever sort of dream you’re aiming to achieve, hopefully these grants will see you well on your way to reaching them.