APRA AMCOS Head of Member Services and incoming CEO Dean Ormston recently hit up Los Angeles, Nashville and London, and instead of spending his time doing on-set tours of White Men Can’t Jump, Nashville and The Bill like everyone else, he instead attended a week of members events, and organised for dedicated workspaces in each city to be utilised by APRA AMCOS members and their managers, as the geographical boundaries that once impeded Aussies continue to melt away.

APRA AMCOS have teamed up with InDo to have desk space, office amenities, writers’ rooms and performance space available in Nashville, while hotdesks and office space are available at RAK Studios in London, (or as Adele refers to it, “that place I recorded me debut album, innit?”) and at IgnitedSpaces in Hollywood.

Plans are bubbling for writers’ rooms and performance spaces in London and L.A. too.

“Today’s global music market is bringing unprecedented overseas opportunities to Aussie and Kiwi songwriters and composers”, explains Ormston, “and APRA AMCOS is committed to travelling with our members every step of the way. With more of our members heading to the world’s most competitive creative hubs, we’re keen to support their creative and business objectives.”

To find out more, contact the following international reps. Note: they all enjoy .gifs with any queries emails – the less relevant the better.

Lani Richmond
[email protected]

Mark Moffat

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UK/EUROPE (based in London)
Adam Townsend
[email protected]