The 12th and final SongHubs for 2018 and the first to ever take place in South America wrapped last week.

Electro-pop songwriter/producer/performer Chela and songwriter/singer/instrumentalist Jess Cornelius (aka the acclaimed Teeth & Tongue) were selected to fly to Brazil to work and play for three busy days at producer Dudu Borges’ state-of-the-art studios in São Paulo.

They both documented their experiences in the studio and on the streets of the busy, big and beautiful Sao Paulo.

Curated by none other than SOUNDS AUSTRALIA’S Export Music Producer Glenn Dickie, 16 songwriters and creatives from Australia and Brazil collaborated on new works, including Nick Weaver and Nic McKensie of Deep Sea Arcade, Alexander Biggs, producer Mitch Kelly and more.

Let Chela and Jess take you behind the scenes at SongHubs – São Paulo.

5th December 

JESS: On the way in to São Paulo from the airport we drove past favelas stretching for miles and miles, then many more miles of crumbling high-rise housing crammed tightly amid rundown neighbourhoods. Further in, lush jungle seemed to sprout up uncontrolled around museums and government buildings.

In one surreal moment, our car was surrounded by acrid smoke billowing from burning tyres on the street, with shirtless kids and police on bicycles all trying to beat it out with pieces of clothing.