New technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are absolutely disrupting the music industry, but not in a way humans should fear.

That was the overarching sentiment offered at today’s BIGSOUND panel ‘The Changing Future of Music: AI, VR, Robotics and Blockchain’.

Moderated by Musitec’s Managing Director David Grice, the panel of tech experts and start-up players explored the creative processes and commercial models now available for artists.

Opportunities for artists

Eoin McCarthy is the Co-Founder & CTO at digital product studio Hydric Media, which has offices in Brisbane and New York.

Having built apps for the entertainment industry, including for Spotify and Twitter, McCarthy demonstrated how AR can change the way artists create their album and tour artwork through an in-app camera which uses “prosthetic reality” to bring artwork to life.

Watch an example of how AR can bring artwork to life below:

Brisbane native and software engineer Stephen Phillips is President of Popgun, a start-up which he says, “teaches computers to play the piano and other instruments”.

Stephen Phillips said the only people interacting with AI so far have been card players and game players. However, the big opportunity is in the kinds of intelligence that can make you feel like you’re playing with another human, which will see tools created for learning instruments and composition.