Following an open letter from Bluesfest’s Peter Noble, a rally in Sydney which saw over 10,000 protesters call for more consideration from the NSW Government, and countless other calls for clarity around the current licensing scheme disaster that has the industry up in arms, a new voice has joined the chorus.

The latest call for action comes from one of the most important industry bodies in Australia, ARIA.

The recorded music body has joined the cause to challenge the Berejiklian Government’s ‘potentially harmful’ licensing regulation which opponents say won’t save the lives they’re intended to, but just might kill off the NSW music scene.

ARIA Board
ARIA Board. Left to Right – David Vodicka, Sebastian Chase, Natalie Waller, Dan Rosen, Karen Don, Niko Nordstrom, Denis Handlin AO (Chair), Emily Crews, Andrew Smith and Sophie McArthur. Photo by Cole Be

Read ARIA’s statement in full below:

Everyone remembers their first gig or festival experience.

Going out to see a band, surrounded by likeminded souls, feeling the rush of freedom that washes over you as the music takes hold. It’s been a rite of passage for many generations of music fans around Australia.

It is evident that live music is a very important part of the NSW cultural landscape. An Australia Council 2017 survey found that in 2016 more than half of NSW residents attended live music events.