Ariana Grande is going through one of the most successful periods of her career, having just broken yet another record thanks to her latest single.

Mid-way through November, it was announced that Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’ had managed to become the fastest song in Spotify history to reach 100 million streams.

However, the achievements were far from over, with the song also breaking the record for the most-streamed song in a single day for a female artist, with 8.2 million streams on November 5th.

While the singer just yesterday became the most-streamed artist on Spotify, she also teased the release of even more music, indicating her reign of domination is far from over.

Now, as Variety notes, the official video for ‘thank u, next’ has proven so popular that it not only broke another record, but the Internet as well (momentarily, at least).

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Released on November 30th, the single’s official video has managed to gain such popularity that it became the most-streamed video in 24 hours on the service, with a stunning 50.3 million views.

This massive achievement saw ‘thank u, next’ smash the previous record – set by BTS’ ‘Idol’ – by 4.4 million views, meaning this is likely an accomplishment that will hang around for some time.

Youtube also explained that the song became the most-viewed video using the Youtube Premiere scheduling feature, with 829,000 watching the clip simultaneously. The track’s popularity also managed to create a spike in traffic that was so large that it caused a delay in posting comments.

While Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’ is still breaking records, there’s no saying just how many more achievements and certifications it’s set to receive in the coming days and weeks.

With a new album by Ariana Grande reportedly on the way, it’s certainly looking as though she’s on track to be one of the biggest artists for 2018 and 2019.

Check out Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’:

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