TikTok, the short-form video hotbed for viral campaigns, has helped another artist capture the platform’s #challenge-motivated audience.

Norwegian artist AURORA and her UK label, Decca Records, tapped Gen Z influencer company Fanbytes and Blackstar London for her latest track ‘The River’.

The single had already caught attention for its message around mental health and its request for people to be more open and understanding when it comes to mental health.

Now, through the Fanbytes-developed #youcancrychallenge, TikTok users’ video uploads have amassed over 1.4 million views, with over 3,000 videos created in the first few days.


The idea was created after Fanbytes ran over 100 influencer campaigns on the platform.

The company found that many of Fanbytes’ influencers created content around mental health on a daily basis, and also that ‘duets chains’ were a trend. This is where TikTok users create side by side videos where people can mimic or complete actions taken by other fans – AKA an endless stream of content and a sure fire path to going viral.

The challenge is simple, and plays to the chorus of AURORA’s ‘The River’ below:

“You can cry, drinking your eyes