Australasia’s newest digital aggregator is doubtful whether local content quotas for streaming platforms can ever be legislated for – but would like to see a greater commitment from the likes of Spotify to local indie music.

Brisbane-based start-up GYROstream launched in Australia in June and provides a low-cost digital distribution solution for independent artists seeking to get their content onto digital platforms across the globe. The company’s name is an anagram for ‘Get Your Record Out’ and also offers a range of other music services such as PR packages, vinyl/CD production and even insurance deals.

The GYROstream launch comes at a time when some in the industry are pushing for streaming platforms to mirror the 25 percent local content quotas on radio.

General Manager Andy Irvine says he supports the idea of a 25 percent quota for streaming, but is sceptical whether it would be possible to legislate for it.

“I am not a lawyer but I am not sure it’s viable in a legal sense,” he says. “But what we do need is a commitment from those services that there will be a local team here curating local independent music, and that they will be including a significant portion of their music in local playlists. We would like to see as much Australian and New Zealand content in those playlists as possible, but I think it’s going to come down to a commitment from those companies to do that.”