The Asia Pacific Dance Music Study — a recent dive into listening habits at the higher end of the BPM scale — reveals that almost half of Australians listen to dance music, although only 12% of those consider themselves “dedicated listeners”. Those who do tend to be female millennials.

A2Live commissioned the study, which was carried out by those stats-junkies at Neilsen, based on results gathered from 1,016 Australians.

As with every single survey ever conducted, you really need to take these results with a grain of salt, but some interesting stats are nevertheless thrown up. Australians each spend an average of $125 (Aussie dollars) on live music: a figure which is obviously skewed by elder generations who tend not to frequent the bar scene, and those who work in the music industry and therefore don’t pay for any gigs at all. Ever.

Dance music is ranked as the fourth most-popular genre in Australia. The study doesn’t say which genres topple it, but we’re going to guess: rock, pop, hip hop, in no particular order.

While this is all interesting, surely studies like this are well on their way out. With empirical data now constantly being captured by streaming services, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, and that bloke at your local record store with the Pixies tee — this survey of a thousand Aussies, which relies on broad questioning and each person’s own veracity, seems less-than-scientific.

Here’s the entire study, complete with flashy graphs and colour keys.

live music graph
Dance survery - graph #2