APRA AMCOS have announced a new insurance policy which will take some of the worry and uncertainty out of being a musician.

Through insurance agency Aon, the Musicians Support Policy offers affordable coverage that is “designed to support musicians for lost income following accidental injury, illness or permanent disability.”

You’re covered 24/7 worldwide, too, which means that show you cancelled in Austin after the beef burrito-related food poisoning incident didn’t need to lead to any lost income.

Personal Accident and Illness options start at $74.25 a year, and provide up to three years of lost income support.

“We’re thrilled to have helped Aon develop an insurance product tailored to meet the needs of Australian musicians,” says Milly Petriella, APRA AMCOS Director Member Relations. “The policy offers peace of mind, and can reduce the stress caused by lack of income if you become sick or injured.”

It makes sense – every other industry provides a safety net for lost income due to injury or personal illness, so why should being a musician be any different?

To find out more, check out Aon’s MusoPA page.