Two-year-old music education provider Grow My Music has proven itself as one of the most burgeoning music industry resources in Australia.

In just three months, Grow My Music has accrued over 100 enrolments to its online course.

Launched in June, the online course provides key industry practices to artists and managers, offering ‘how-to’ steps to securing sync licensing deals, releasing and pitching music, digital distribution and business automation, among other things.

“It’s never been easier to make music, but never been harder to get heard,” Grow My Music CEO Martin Brown told TIO. “This is why the demand for our course exists. We don’t teach people to ‘follow their dreams’ or ‘just try and write a hit song’, we teach best practice music business models, but more importantly we teach artist strategy – practical things they can use to increase their fan base, profile, and income aggressively through their music.”

People who enrol in the online course receive a free pass to the 2-Day Seminar in Sydney and Melbourne this year. The seminar, which takes place November 4-5 in Sydney and November 18-19 in Melbourne, offers interactive, information-rich sessions structured to help aspiring musicians and industry types.

Audrey of Melbourne duo Au Dré left the following testimonial on Facebook:

Disclaimer: Grow My Music’s partners include APRA AMCOS, Studios 301, WAM, Tunecore and Seventh Street Media, TIO’s parent company.