A training program for music industry professionals has launched in Canada based on the work of Australian strategy consultant Mariel Beros.

After two years of pitching and negotiations, Beros has seen the five stage program for music managers in Australia and New Zealand, CONTROL, used as the basis for the PHOENIX Training & Professional Development Program.

CONTROL, which is targeted at mid-career managers, is presented by the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN), and supported by the Association of Artist Managers.

The application-only PHOENIX program is part of Music BC’s How-To Series in Canada.

According to the media release, “The program is designed for time-poor, mid-career music professionals, who want to optimize their business models for growth, offering participants the opportunity to work with experienced mentors and advisors. A board of industry experts will review and select the small group of PHOENIX 2017 participants.”Past CONTROL mentor Terry McBride (Nettwerk, Canada) will work with participants on their leadership skills and business models.

“I’ve been a mentor on the program in Australia and I can tell you that it really does change lives,” said McBride.

Music BC Executive Director, Alex Grigg said: “The program challenges participants and gets them to rethink the way they work. A similar program has had great results in Australia and New Zealand. Alumni there report that it not only changes their businesses for the better, but their lives as well.”

Luke Girgis, CEO of Seventh Street Media (TIO‘s parent company) was one of around 15 successful applicants to take part in the 2016 CONTROL program in Hepburn Springs.

Girgis said of his experience: “I spend a lot of money each year on professional development through seminars, workshops, courses and books. Although in the music industry most professional development exercises I’ve participated in have been largely unfruitful, Control was certainly not one of them.

“I could not believe how much value I got out of it, it is by far the best workshop any artist manager could do for their career. Just when I thought I’d mastered artist management and heard it all, Control showed me key things I was doing wrong and corrected my business model over one weekend, which in turn fast tracked me 5 years. It was unbelievable and I am forever grateful.”

The first ever PHOENIX workshop takes place near Vancouver from August 13-16, 2017. The application deadline is June 2.