With the rise of the digital music industry and streaming, there are artists generating reasonable livings (~$50-300K) producing and releasing music from their bedrooms to the public instantly. This phenomenon takes place most significantly in electronic music, although it happens in rap, pop, and other genres too.

These artists, many of them teenagers or in their early 20s, put their songs up on DSPs [demand-side platforms], often powered by digital record labels, distributors, or YouTube promoter channels.

I have seen a couple of these artists go onto immense success, such as Alan Walker, by growing their businesses beyond their bedroom, most notably by creating successful touring businesses.

While many bedroom artists attempt to take their career to the next level, many don’t try at all.

There are so many positive effects of being able to create a healthy career from your home studio. Furthermore, touring can often have negative effects on mental health, relationships, and even diet. Not every artist generating $100K independently has the desire to do what it takes to become a truly multi-dimensional artist in the public eye. And that’s totally okay.

But some of these artists did aspire to grow outside of their comfort zone, yet lose their ambition once they are making a living. I refer to them as suffering from “Bedroom Artist Syndrome”.