Remote Control Records has partnered with Melbourne indie Bedroom Suck Records, providing “publicity and marketing support on a number of Bedroom Suck releases.”

“It’s about damn time”, Joe Alexander of Bedroom Suck said. “We are big fans of Remote Control / Dot Dash, and it’s been a goal for a long time to work with them. All the best things seem to come out of that office, they do an amazing job. We couldn’t be happier to be part of the family.

Steve Cross, co-founder of Remote Control is equally pleased.

“When we started Remote Control back in 2001 there seemed to be a dearth of great Australian independent labels”, he explains, “which was a tragedy because in the decade or so up to that point the scene had been so strong. But things have turned around again and there’s a great wave of creative, vibrant independent labels. Joe has been effortlessly surfing that wave over the past few years with Bedroom Suck.”

The first release under the partnership is from Perth’s Hamjam. The duo will release their new album a/s/l? on Friday 11 August, and today share the first single ‘Lean.’

Watch the music video below: