Imagine. You’re drunk at a music festival with your stupid mates, and you spot something cleverly named ‘From Piss to Pilsner’ – an initiative which aims to collect 25,000 litres of urine from festival goers like yourself. You laugh, contribute, and then go and see Muse or some such nonsense and forget all about it.

Fast forward two years and you’re back at the same festival drinking beer made from that very same urine you so graciously donated.

That’s what’s been happening in Denmark over the past few years, with the above initiative from 2015 music festival Roskilde coming into play now with the release of ‘Pisner’, produced from barley fertilised with this festival pee.

So, you’re not actually drinking anything that was once urine (unless, of course, you wish to really think hard about the fact that every drop of liquid is recycled countless times over billions of years, and you probably bathed in Pol Pot’s pee this very morning, or something) although this continues to be a common misconception, according to brewers Norrebro Bryghus. Nevertheless, they do target the beer towards “the more adventurous drinker.”

“When the news that we had started brewing the Pisner came out, a lot of people thought we were filtering the urine to put it directly in the beer, and we had a good laugh about that,” says Henrik Vang, CEO of  the brewery.

Apparently 60,000 bottles of ‘Pisner’ were brewed using the urine from Roskilde, and will be sold at this year’s event.

The best quote about the beer came via Reuters, from Roskilde 2015 attendee Anders Sjögren: “If it had tasted even a bit like urine, I would put it down, but you don’t even notice.”

So, there you go.