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Live Venue Of The Year
The only award that is publicly voted, and for good reason, too – more than any other, the Venue Of The Year is about those intangible qualities: overall vibe, the sound design of a room, the ability to host and foster various music scenes, constantly amazing bookings, a delicious array of drinks and nibbles, great staff, and all the other little things that go into making a music venue legendary.

Thanks to our sponsors TicketWeb, we’ve been able to open this category up to every live venue and voter in Australia. This award doesn’t discriminate: small bars, converted record stores, suburban haunts, country RSLs, and multi-tier arenas are all eligible for the Venue Of the Year.

“TicketWeb is all about live music and the venues that are the backbone of the industry,” explains Mark Heaton, General Manager, TicketWeb. “Whether it’s your grassroots band room or iconic city arena, we love what we do every day which is evolving with venues to cater to their ever-changing needs.

“With venues, acts have a place to shine, and fans have a place to discover amazing new music and enjoy the live experience – this is why we passionately support TIO’s Venue of the Year.”

To see your favourite music venue score the ultimate accolade, thanks to TicketWeb, simply go to the voting form below, give your local a nod, and spread the word.

Voting closes March 21, 2018.