BIGSOUND have just announced their first round of speakers, forums, and the like – and if you were hoping for a cool mum to be in the ranks, then you are in luck, as Virginia Grohl, mother to a drummer named David, will be delivering a keynote at the conference.

The new forums announced today include The New Music Business, a forum about the ever-shifting model of the music industry, What would the current music industry look like if it was invented by our First Nations people?, which aims to “turn things on its head to search for and celebrate lessons and ideas that we can learn from Indigenous perspectives” and Changing Music Industry Behaviour which will “look at the psychology of change and how our industry can create sustained momentum.”

As mentioned above Virigina Grohl will detail the trials and tribulations of raising a world-famous rock star during her   a subject she tackled in her book ‘From Cradle to Stage’, in which she interviewed the mothers of Amy Winehouse, Michael Stipe, Adam Levine and more.

Mardi Caught, who was Warner Music’s General Manager for years before launching her own independent marketing services company The Annex, will also deliver a keynote.

In addition a fuckton (technical music term) of industry buyers have been announced, which are listed below in order of importance (nah, it’s alphabetical) under this song, which Virginia Grohl forced us to embed.

Tickets are available for $370 from