Bluesfest organiser Peter Noble has warned once again that Bluesfest could be forced to leave New South Wales if policies handed down by the NSW government in an attempt to curb festival deaths continue.

For months now, there has been much said about the musical nanny state of New South Wales and their antiquated views on curbing deaths at music festivals.

Rather than opening a dialogue with experts and considering the idea of pill testing, the Berejiklian Government has instead vowed to shut down unsafe festivals, handing down a series of guidelines that “high risk” festivals must adhere to.

In February, Bluesfest organiser Peter Noble shared an open letter to the NSW Government, bluntly stating that if the state continues to restrict the growth of live music and festivals, it has the potential to “decimate our industry”.

“Why do you seem to be hell-bent on destroying our industry?” Peter Noble questioned. “We provide culture to the people of this state, and Australia, through our good works.”

“Most festivals haven’t had drug deaths and contribute greatly to our society through presenting well-run, professional, world-class events. Why have we been given zero recognition in this government’s actions?”

“I have in my 50 years in presenting music NEVER EXPERIENCED such poorly thought out, unbalanced legislation,” he added. “Surely a professional governing body could do better. It’s the Lockout Laws Version 2 for festivals.”