After a quick break to work on solo projects, Broods have returned. The kiwi duo have announced today that they have signed a new deal with Neon Gold Records in America, Billboard reports. The boutique label will distribute their new single “Peach” which is out next week.

Watch: Broods – “Never Gonna Change”

Started by Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR, and Derek Davies, the New York based label has been behind a bunch of breakout releases over the past decade. On signing Broods, Plapinger told Billboard “I’ve been a fan of Broods since day one and was lucky enough to build a relationship touring the same festival circuits with them in my own band MS MR,”

The third album from Broods is expected to be released in early 2019. Since the 2016 release of Conscious the Nott siblings have focused on solo projects. Caleb released the single “Make Me Feel” with Jarryd James under the name Fizzy Milk, and Georgia released an album entirely produced and created by women entitled The Venus Project – Vol. 1.

broods new label
The Nott siblings celebrating their signing to Neon Gold With Lizzy Plapinger and Derek Davies

Listen to a preview of the new single from Broods, “Peach” below.