Busby Marou’s Postcards From The Shell House debuted at the #1 position this week, relegating Fifty Shades Darker to the #2 position. 

You might remember last week’s horrific news which saw Thundamentals kept from the #1 position on the ARIA albums chart thanks to the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. Well, the good news is that you can unclench your fists of rage now, since the Aussies are back on top of the chart once again.

Returning to the albums chart with their first record since 2014, Busby Marou’s Postcards From The Shell House debuted at the #1 position this week, relegating the Fifty Shades Darker to the #2 position. “We are absolutely stoked!” said Tom Busby. “It’s just so crazy to know that there is so much love out there for us. We felt we were recording something special with this album, but we never once expected to have enough support to land the top spot. We hope this is a great statement for every band slogging it out there in regional Australia.”

While Busby Marou managed to reach the top position, we need to travel all the way to #11 to find our next Aussie entrant; Tash Sultana with her Notion EP, which has been managing to maintain a constant showing in the charts of late.

One of the next Aussies in the albums charts, The Wiggles, notably manage to celebrate their highest ARIA album appearance in their entire career, with Nursery Rhymes at #15. Last week’s #2 placeholder, Thundamentals’ Everyone We Know, managed to drop to #21 this week, but with a wide array of killer tracks, it should hopefully remain in the charts for some time to come.

On the singles charts, Ed Sheeran has managed to dominate yet again, with ‘Shape Of You’, ‘How Would You Feel (Paean)’, and ‘Castle On The Hill’ taking up the top 3 positions. However, Aussie talent is not to be written off, with Pnau and Amy Shark bringing hometown pride to the top 10, with ‘Chameleon’ and ‘Adore’ appearing at numbers 8 and 10, respectively.

With an Aussie group back on top of the charts yet again, and with a strong showing of Aussie talent apparent throughout the albums and singles charts, we can all sleep easy this weekend knowing that soon enough, Fifty Shades Darker may now be on it’s downward trend out of the charts.