ARN have snagged one of the biggest stars in UK radio, with Christian O’Connell moving to Melbourne to host the GOLD 104.3 Breakfast show this year.

It’s an interesting move, bringing an established show into a new market – fans of Hamish and Andy may be familiar with Christian, as they co-hosted a show with him in 2012 while in the UK, which was simulcast as both a Breakfast show in the UK, and a Drive show here in Australia.

“The chance to move to Melbourne was an opportunity just too good to pass up”, O’Connell says of the shift. “Who wouldn’t want to move to the world’s most liveable city? My family and I chose Melbourne for the lifestyle, comedy and arts culture, and, obviously, the coffee. And the wine. Did I mention the wine?

“And I’ve also heard you get a bit more of something called ‘the sun’. The decision to leave the UK has been the hardest of my life, but we can’t wait to start this new adventure.

“Radio is my life, and I’m excited to bring my Breakfast show to Gold104.3, Melbourne’s strongest music station. I’ve always seen being on radio in the morning as a great privilege – to be someone’s mate in the morning – and I’m looking forward to bringing something fresh and new to listeners to help them kick off their day.”

“Christian’s radio show is like nothing Melbourne has heard before and this change is a bold, progressive move for ARN and the entire local industry”, adds ARN’s National Content Director Duncan Campbell.