Sydney could bury its recent reputation as a late-night cultural graveyard, though the community will need to dig in.

The City of Sydney is canvassing feedback for its new discussion paper, entitled ‘Open and Creative City, planning for culture and the night-time economy,’ which, as its title suggests, lays out plans to reinvigorate the flagging nightlife while keeping creatives, businesses and residents happy.

Venues and performers could be among the big winners in the new proposals, which residents are invited to engage in. The discussion paper touts noise management procedures already in place in Melbourne and San Francisco where new developments near existing entertainment venues would be required to implement measures to manage noise impacts from venues. On the flip side, new entertainment venues would be required to ensure existing residential properties aren’t impacted from “noise” (or “music,” depending on your definition).

This ‘Agent of Change’ system would be accompanied by new planning controls and “transparent, easy to understand” noise compliance guidelines for venues. The bottom line: this will change how the city manages entertainment noise.