If you’re anything like me, you routinely ask buskers if they have filled out the required licensing paperwork to busk in a commercial zone, before feeling truly comfortable throwing a handful of silver into their guitar case and requesting “Wonderwall, but with the capo on the second fret as Noel intended.”

Due to the often hazy legal status and lack of actual information regarding this practice, City of Sydney are reviewing the policy and guidelines for busking in the city, and will be seeking input from those who care enough to come along to a public meeting on Monday morning – which you should do. (Read this article about famous musicians who started their career busking to get pumped up.)

“As part of this review, we want to consider a code of conduct for busking in Sydney – a set of clear, shared standards for performing in the public domain”, the City of Sydney say of the open call. “To start this process we’re bringing together buskers, businesses, residents, and other stakeholders to share their thoughts on busking in Sydney and to work collaboratively towards what a code of conduct might include.”

The workshop/meeting/revolution-starter happens next Monday July 24 from 9am-noon at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre, corner Palmer and Burton Streets, Darlinghurst.

RSVP here, and check out more information about the busking policy review on the Sydney Your Say website.