As BIGSOUND is well and truly over after another year of important conversations, and some of the most exciting music Australia has ever delivered, one discussion from last week is still on everyone’s lips.

A panel, sadly inspired by the death of 22-year-old Joshua Tam, who had an adverse reaction to MDMA at Lost Paradise and passed away in hospital, featured members of the festival industry, Tam’s mother Julie, and a Queensland Police Inspector.

Health And Safety: Music’s Long-needed Wake-up Call

The ‘Health And Safety: Music’s Long-needed Wake-up Call’ panel dove deep into the issues around drug deaths at festivals and music events, violence, sexual assault and substance dependency in a 90-minute conversation lead by moderator Stacey Piggott of Secret Service PR and Secret Sounds Group.

Piggott, who has been looking after Falls Festival for 16 years now, said NSW Health lacks in its offering of educating youths on the ramifications of taking drugs.

“Obviously a really important part of getting to a solution to this is getting more education and open conversations [happening].”

stacey piggot secret sounds
Stacey Piggott of Secret Service PR and Secret Sounds Group

Meanwhile, Julie Tam, who lost her son in December last year, said they are an open family when it comes to discussions on drugs, but that parents aren’t having important conversations with their children on a regular basis.