A song premiere is a strange experience for every artist. Weeks, months of work are laser-trained on one moment. Family and friends are tuned in, ready for the ride. Maybe tears will flow. Surely a flood of messages will pour in. School didn’t prepare anyone for this.

CXLOE missed out on the drama when her new song “Monster” hit the airwaves Thursday (March 8) for the very first time. The newcomer stayed up late and listened in from Los Angeles where she is based part time, flying back and forth from her Sydney home since she was 16.

“When I first came here I heard how harsh it was. I thought, I’m ready for it. My god I was not ready. It’s so brutal. It’s a façade. It enthralls you, there’s a magic and vibe about it where everyone’s bouncing off each other. But on the wrong day, the wrong experience. L.A. will literally eat you alive,” she says with a laugh.

Her new single “Monster” is an introspective piece, an analysis of a town that can turn you into a god or eat your soul.  It’s the epicentre of the pop world, and it’s the loneliest place on the planet. Raised in Narrabeen, on Sydney’s northern beaches, CXLOE has now found her feet, and some soulmates, thanks in part to the thriving network of Aussies on the ground. They’re connected through the aptly-named “Aussies in LA” group and through regularly gatherings, from the Hollywood-heavy G’Day USA Los Angeles Gala to APRA networking nights.  These events, she says, are a “lifesaver.”

The hard work is starting to pay off. CXLOE is being championed by triple j and commercial radio alike, and courted by major labels.

“Two songs in and I’m already so impressed by CXLOE,” triple j Good Nights Presenter Bridget Hustwaite tells TIO. “Whilst her music will definitely tickle the fancy of any George Maple or BANKS fans, what I particularly appreciate is how well CXLOE understands her vision and purpose as an artist. It’s not easy feeling so realised and assured so early in a project but I’m really excited to be following CXLOE’s journey.”

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The new single is produced by Pip Norman (‘Fools’ by Troye Sivan) and Xavier Dunn (Super Cruel, Porches) and co-written with Kota Banks (“Holiday,” “Empty Streets”) and has enjoyed support from Triple J’s music director Nick Findlay. Her first single, “Tough Love” released at the end of 2017, debuted on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and was supported by Ash London on 2Dayfm. She just completed a tour as main tour support to  George Maple and before that she opened for Alison Wonderland on her ScareHouse national run.

According to reps for CXLOE, she’s had a lot of interest from the major labels. One in particular is said to be ”very eager” to sign her but for now she’s happy to just weigh up the offers. “I’m really enjoying releasing singles independent right now. There a lot of freedom, with my sound and what I want to write about and when I want to release.” She’s managed by Young & Vicious who also publish her songwriting through Mushroom Music.

And are there plans for an EP or a full length album? “Maybe.  I’ve got a bunch of songs under my belt. I’ve definitely got a lot of songs I’d like to release asap. I’d love to do an EP and a full body of work. That’s the end goal.”

CXLOE will split time between her two homes in the months ahead. Tour dates in the U.S. and Australia are being hammered out and the official video for “Monster” is due in April.

She misses home. She thinks of her family and buddies, her boyfriend and especially her dog. But there’s a lot of work to be done in L.A. “It’s tricky being here, but this is the only way to do it. I always knew I wanted to do music. I’m so glad I didn’t let it go. There’s a fire in me.  I wanted my music to be universal and I wanted to take it to the next level. The only way to do that is to be over here. I tried to fight that for a long time.”