Last week, we highlighted rising Aussie star CXLOE, who is currently kicking goals in Los Angeles armed with a killer new single, a run of tour dates, and a natural talent that will make you impressed, envious, or angry, depending on your current mental/career state.

We’re pleased as punch (the good type, with cherries and alcohol) to announce that she will be performing at the inaugural TIO Awards in a few short weeks.

She’ll join the previously-announced Adrian Eagle, keynote speaker Holly Rankin (that’s Jack River to you), and the evening’s hosts Gus and Rig.

Check out CXLOE’s ‘Monster’ below, for a sneak peek, and why not join the #TIOawards FB group, to laugh, celebrate, complain, and more!.

The TIO Awards is an all-new event taking place at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.