Last night, at the premiere of Kinky Boots‘ Sydney run at Capitol Theatre, Cyndi Lauper’s music and lyrics helped promote self-love and acceptance. Now, she’s tackling sexism with her second Broadway project, a stage adaptation of 1988 film Working Girl.

“I saw the glass ceiling, I experienced the glass ceiling, and I also experienced the whole women against women thing which comes back every once in a while, which always floors me because we’re all in the same boat, babe,” Lauper said during an interview with AAP in Sydney yesterday.

In town for the Sydney premiere of Kinky Boots following its run in Melbourne, Lauper said she’s enlisted Rob Hyman to help write the music for Working Girl.

Hyman won a Grammy for his work on Lauper’s Billboard #1 ‘Time After Time’ (1984) and also co-wrote, co-produced, arranged and played on 2000-released track ‘Christmas of Love’ from Academy Award-winning film, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The film, which starred Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver, grossed a worldwide total of US$103 million. Centering around a woman who was as smart and business-savvy as her male counterparts, the film was considered revolutionary for its time. While the archaic female stereotypes portrayed in the film have largely been eclipsed today, many quotes from Tess (Melanie Griffith) still hold up; like this one:

“I’m not going to spend the rest of my life working my ass off and getting nowhere just because I followed rules that I had nothing to do with setting up.”