The music industry is an ever-changing beast. As consumer behaviour changes and revenue streams shift, the industry adapts.

Social media platforms and record companies have become media publishers, artists have become marketers, and media have become agencies. The goal however, hasn’t changed. the aforementioned all want to reach large audiences and cut through the overwhelming noise that exists online.

Excelling at your core business is demanding, excelling at your core business and a new sector at once is even more so. It’s apposite then that a troupe of wholly independent digital marketers have achieved great success in the music industry; taking on label, festival, tech company and artist clients to define strategies, increase and engage audiences, and drive measurable returns.

To find out more about how digital marketers are carving out a relevant and crucial space in the music industry, TIO chatted to:

Martin Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of Grow My Music, a digital music company providing education, digital marketing, and artists services to artists, bands and music companies.

Vanessa Picken, Founder and Director of Comes With Fries, a modular digital agency providing professional services and expertise to those in the music, technology, fashion, and digital industries.

And Anthony Zaccaria and Alex Zaccaria, who are behind the team of marketers, analysts, strategists, artist managers, designers and developers at 10-year-old Bolster.