It turns out that previous reports of Donald Glover being sued by his former label Glassnote Records were wrong. A statement from a label representative confirms that “the reporting by TMZ is not accurate”, and they are indeed not taking legal action against him.

Donald Glover released three albums through Glassnote as Childish Gambino, most recently the critically acclaimed Awaken My Love!. Earlier this year it was announced that the musician had signed to RCA Records. He recently released his new single “This Is America”.


The statement from Glassnote Records states that they are not suing Glover, but have been threatened with a lawsuit by his lawyers on his behalf. It also states that the artist is claiming he is owed for 95% of the royalties from SoundExchange, whilst the label believe they are to be shared 50/45.

Read the full statement from Glassnotes Records below:

“Unfortunately the reporting by TMZ is not accurate. We are not claiming Donald Glover screwed us out of anything.