Downtown Music Publishing is set to add to its already global reach, announcing an expansion which will see offices in Sydney an Paris open up under the DMP name.

As Billboard notes, Downtown Music’s new offices will focus on the talents of local songwriters and artists, adding to its other international offices in New York, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, Nashville and Tokyo.

“Though you could hardly pick two more disparate locations, these two music centers (and the broader markets they represent) have quite a bit in common,” began Justin Kalifowitz, Downtown Music CEO, in a post in which he explained the decision.

“They have extraordinary track records of nurturing homegrown songwriting talent who’ve changed the shape of popular culture; they share strong copyright laws upheld by forward-thinking collective rights management organizations; they are dynamic advertising, media, and technology centers; we’ve had some fantastic sushi in both.”

While the Paris office will see Laura Bedikian, Charles Braud and Armel Bernard take up roles, the Sydney office will see Rachel Kelly join the team as creative director and head of sync. Previously, Kelly had acted as the creative director at BMG Australia, having joined the company in 2016.

“Writing sessions are happening across multiple time zones, artists are collaborating in different languages, and international hits are breaking through to audiences previously unimaginable. But at the same time that we speak of an increasingly connected world, it’s essential to recognize the importance of local cultures and their relevance in artistic development,” continued Justin Kalifowitz.

“On behalf of everyone at Downtown, I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Charles Braud, Laura Bedikian, and Armel Bernard in Paris and Rachel Kelly in Sydney. Working closely with our teams in New York, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Tokyo, we look forward to investing in the next generation of local songwriting talent and helping their music reach the global stage.”

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